Why us?

As a firm, we are known regionally for innovative, imaginative and inspired design, and the integrity by which we approach every project. We focus on good design using holistic, sustainable design concepts that help us achieve projects that are comfortable, efficient, environmentally sustainable and good for the communities they are built in.

But we know there are a variety of firms to chose from with various claims to be the right firm for you – and they just might be. We also know that each project is uniquely special and requires a special relationship between client and architect. So why us?

1. Ideas: Unique, creative, cost effective ideas. We offer ideas taken from years of experience, extensive travel and ultimately from dialogue with you so that your specific needs are met.

2. Imagination: Our approach is one of discovery; we explore different ways of making space and structure. Since each client and project is unique, our process takes each project with its unique design challenges and combines them with our high degree of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity as a way to release the imagination. We believe the most imaginative and cost effective designs are a direct result of a quality relationship we have with the client, context and site.

3. Innovation: We consider our firm to more progressive than most; we have, since our inception, used Building Information Modeling technology (Autodesk Revit), as an early visualization 3D tool that helps you visualize your space, building or environment before a spade full of dirt is dug. Contractors we have worked with have appreciated the early problem solving this tool allows so that we can catch potential issues before construction begins. Also, as the architect of the first LEED certified restaurant in Sacramento, we’ve invested in research of unique sustainable design techniques and ‘green’ technologies / products that can be incorporated into your project that create greater value, energy efficiency and a more comfortable environment for those who use the space.

4. Inspiration: We find inspiration in the world around often bridging different disciplines. By creating collaborative associations between the fields of design, science, technology and the fine arts, we can lead your project to an inspired “soul”ution.

Finally, our firm believes in giving back to the communities in which we live by working with non-profit organizations providing pro-bono design assistance. We have dedicated 1% of our annual hours in providing these design services pro-bono as our commitment to promoting non-profits through our partnership with the 1% Solution program. Launched by Public Architecture in 2005 with the support of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, The 1% is a first-of-its-kind effort to encourage pro bono service within the architecture and design professions. Please visit ww.theonepercent.org for more information on this unique program.